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Dr. Fisher Remembered...

Dr. Donald E. Fisher was a devoted, caring practitioner at our office which he established 40 years ago. His honest, direct approach with his patients and staff, along with his quick wit and generous nature were just a few of his many admired qualities. In addition to his professional career, Dr. Fisher was always busy with a project, hobby, creative pursuit or embarking upon some marvelous adventure!! He loved to travel and especially enjoyed scuba diving along with his talent for underwater photography and could often be seen riding around town on his bicycle. Probably one of his greatest personal achievements was his attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, trekking nearly 11,000 feet up the mountain!

Dr. Fisher was a loving husband, father, and grandfather. He was dedicated to his staff as well as his friend and colleague, Dr. Sein Siao. He was a very special man who was unique and dynamic and he'll always be held dear in our hearts.